Hollebone Family Worldwide

I have identified records of Hollebone and its variant spellings worldwide. The majority I can trace to one main family tree commencing with John Hollebon who was buried in the parish of East Blatchington on 30th December 1566.

Numbering System  

From the outset of my research I have tried several different numbering systems to identify individuals within the ‘family tree’. Some proved too cumbersome producing a number containing several numbers and letters which became meaningless, others were just too simple, like those used by the majority of Genealogy Software Programmes when the next number is randomly attributed to an new individual.

I have therefore developed my own system. Firstly I accepted that it was unlikely that I would be able to identify the parents of John Hollebon and so he became the ‘top of the tree’ and Generation Number 1. He has been allocated the Hollebone Generation Number (HGN) 01/01. His two children Thomas and Nicholas become 01/02 and 01/03. The spouse of Thomas, Elizabeth, becomes 01/02W. A male spouse uses the suffix H, subsequent marriages use the suffix W2, or H2, etc.

The children of Thomas and Nicholas form Generation 2 and are numbered from 02/01.  If a new member to the tree is traced they are allocated the next available number within their relevant Generation.  This number has also been used within my various databases to tie an individual member to the source information in the database. This has proved most helpful in identifying those database entries in need of further research
Some members cannot be fitted into the main Hollebone tree, these additional trees have been identified as ‘strays’ and have been similarly numbered but each ‘mini tree’ has been identified by letter of the alpabet. The tree prefixed ‘A’ commencing with Joseph and Sarah Hollebone born about 1780 is the largest and contains about 200 members.