Hollebone Family Worldwide

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s my father showed an interest in tracing his family tree. He contacted his cousin, and obtained some information from her, which had been completed some years earlier prior to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Much research had been undertaken and several Parish registers checked which had resulted in a number of dead ends. My father’s only technical assistance was a 1940’s Imperial typewriter. I inherited this information in about 1996, contained in an old foolscap box file consisting of some family photographs and letters, a few certificates and an outline of the family tree written on the back of an old envelope. My father had failed to trace his Grandfather, Joseph, who he believed to have been born in the 1840’s in Worcestershire where he worked as a gardener on a large country estate.

I entered this information on my computer in a small genealogy programme and updated it by adding later generations and information concerning my wife’s family. This is where the information stayed and was destined to a floppy disc when I upgraded my computer.

When I retired in January of 2003 I decided to try my hand at family research and soon got hooked. I attended a Family History Fair at Crawley in February and purchased a new computer programme and with the help and advice from a friend who had been researching her family for a number of years ventured into the local record office.

I decided to start my research with my mother’s paternal line. This decision was two fold, firstly my mother was alive and able to give some additional information and I believed that the recent generations were locally based with the surname, Hollebone, which was unusual and therefore should not pose too many problems.