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Hello I’m Jeff Dyson, born in September 1941 at Brighton, Sussex, England, the son of Ronald Charles Dyson, born January 1907 at Acton, London, Middlesex, and Dorcas Edith Hollebone, born October 1913 at Brighton Sussex.

This Web Site is dedicated to a one named study of the surname Hollebone and its variant spellings; Hollebon, Hollibone, Hollibone, Hollobon , Hollobone, Hollybon and Hollybone, and their worldwide distribution.
If you have found this site then you are probably a Hollebone, or you are related to one. The details included in this site are correct to the best of my knowledge, but I am sure that there are errors and omissions, which you may be able to correct.

Please do not keep them to yourself but share them with me in order that I may maintain a true and faithful record of  the worldwide Hollebones
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